What I learned in Frog Pose…

Last night, I attended my first yoga class in at least a month.  After an invigorating vinyasa flow, the instructor Lindsey (my fav), said “okay ladies…let’s open your mind and your hips.”  Lindsey’s favorite pose is FROG.  For those of you not familiar with yoga, frog is an intermediate pose to open your hips.  Here’s a description of the pose.

In the past when I have entered this pose, I begin with a slight tilt forward – just enough, honestly, to make the pose easier.  Last night  – Lindsey was on to me.  She came over and gently suggested “Kristina, let’s tilt your pelvis down and rock back.”  That did it – yikes, my hips were burning.  After a few minutes, we were still in the pose.  My mind was racing to figure out an exit strategy without disrupting everyone.  Lindsey though could sense my frustration, came over put two hands on my back to keep me in the pose, and said “Today, now, instead of focusing on our restrictions and limited perspective, let’s just breathe, and allow this moment, this very moment to expand our boundaries, focus on our strengths and focus on what is possible.”

One of the many reasons I love yoga is because it tests the limits of my body and mind.  While I was none to happy at the time, walking out of the studio, everything that was weighing me down from earlier in the day was gone.  I was just present, content, and happy.

This blog will follow my journey navigating married life (I just got married a few months ag0), and my mission to eat healthy and live actively.  I hope you enjoy it!


2 responses to “What I learned in Frog Pose…

  1. Just came over from Healthy Tipping Point. What a great teacher, and great insight about a tough pose. I love when they lay their hands on us to just calm and center us in the pose.

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