It’s Official…

Jason and I just registered for the LA Marathon on March 21. While we’ve been training for 4 months, we just got around to officially registering.  This will be my first marathon and Jason’s second.

We started training back in September – and have been using this plan (Schedule 1 & 2 as our training guide).  We decided to commit to the full 36 weeks of training to really build our endurance and try to avoid injury.  When we began training, we were running about 25 miles a week so the first few weeks of the plan were pretty easy, but the slow progression has allowed us (so far, knock on wood) to avoid injury.

The second half of our training has been a bit more brutal.  When we decided to run a marathon in March, neither of us contemplated training through the harsh New England winter.

(View from the front of our house today)

Since the beginning of December (right after our wedding :), the tempature has averaged 25 degrees and 5 inches of snow on the ground.  Let’s just say training during the past two months has been taxing.  We have run 18 miles on a snow packed dirt road in rural IL over the holidays, 20.8 miles in 5 degrees and snow, and 21 miles on a treadmill.  We have one more long run – 23 miles – scheduled in two weeks.  These experiences have certainly made me feel like a bad ass…but I’m looking forward to a sunny 50 degree day on March 21.

45 more days until the marathon.  Heading out for 7 miles now.

Any one have tips on running in the cold and snow?


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