Last Week’s Workout Recap

Last week I got back on my marathon training schedule. I had a hard time following my training schedule during January — we packed and moved about 400 miles, we lived apart for three weeks leaving me alone to follow the plan, and it was COLD.  I didn’t slack off completely but I probably missed 4 or 5 runs total. With the marathon in 40 days, I knew this past week was important to get my groove back.

Sunday – 21 miles (we did this on the treadmill.  Based on Megan’s suggestion, we changed treadmills every 5 miles).  We did it in about 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Monday – Yoga at Breathe.  This was a great class but my arms hurt all week
Tuesday – 5 miles in 46 minutes
Wednesday – 7 miles in 65 minutes
Thursday – 6 miles in 53 minutes
Friday – REST
Saturday – 4 miles in 37 minutes

Goals for next week

  • Following running training schedule
  • Practice yoga twice (I’ve found that yoga is really stretching my legs and hips)

What are YOUR exercise goals for the week?


2 responses to “Last Week’s Workout Recap

  1. Hey!! Glad my tmill tips were helpful…great blog, I’ll def be back 😀

    • Thanks Megan. I’m really excited to start the blog – I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Our marathon is a little over a month away – any good tips as we enter our final training stage?

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