Homemade Seitan

The other day in the market I ran across Vital Wheat Gluten — the key ingredient in making seitan.

For $2.50 and two cups of water – I decided to embark on the process (easy process according to the package) of making seitan.  Packaged seitan typically costs $5 – $6 in my local market  – so this was a promising find.

According to the package, for 28 ounces of seitan, you mix the vital wheat gluten with two cups of water.

Next stir the water and VWG together.  The mixture quickly started to form together.

Next I moved the mixture to the counter and kneaded it.  I probably kneaded the dough for 5 minutes and then formed it into a ball.

I let the ball sit for 5 minutes to set (followed the instructions on the package).  After five minutes I flattened the ball a bit and started to pinch the dough into little balls.

So that is it.  The whole process has taken about 30 minutes so far.  The next part is to cook the seitan.  The package says to cook in a broth and simmer for 1 hour.  I’m going directly to my recipe.  Next up Seitan Bourguignon!

As anyone tried homemade seitan from scratch?  I’ve heard that you can use flour, whole wheat bread flour, and water.


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