Dressing for the Marathon

We are running in the LA Marathon…the weather is going to be a far departure from what’ve been training in for the past few months…

Okay well may it’s not like that everyday but it sure feels like it at times.  We are trading in our tights, jackets, vest, hats, and gloves – for a race where the temperature will probably be 50 degrees when we take off.

While I think our winter training has made us bad-ass (we just watched Rocky IV for some extra motivation), I am starting to contemplate what I should wear the day of the race.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?

I’ve seen a few ladies mention Nike Tempo Shorts (Gina and SR).  I tend to love Lululemon – I’ve been using a long sleeve dry fit shirt with thumb holes during my outdoor runs this winter. Lululemon’s Run Speed Short seem like a great length and have a hidden pocket!  Plus their RUN: Swiftly Racerback has gotten great reviews. Many friends swear by a running skort – I have not tried and am a bit skeptical after reading Meghann’s recap on her first marathon.   One of my friends swears by New Balance skort for her marathons.

Okay all you warm weather runners, what are your suggestions?


2 responses to “Dressing for the Marathon

  1. thanks for the mention. i do love my tempos… so comfy. but running skirts are fun too.
    ive thought about running the la marathon, not sure yet tho. its kinda pricey…

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