Happy Valentine’s Day & Root Veggie Salad

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely and happy Valentine’s Day!

Sorry for my absence yesterday.  We ended up running errands and were out and about for most of the day.  I treated myself to some pampering as well – a manicure at Shear Ego while I waited for Jason to finish up a work meeting.  We had dinner at Dinosaur BBQ but sadly I didn’t take any pictures.  I enjoyed a Portobello mushroom sandwich (SO DELICIOUS!).  I highly recommend checking out the restaurant or bar if you are in Rochester.  The atmosphere is very fun and the bar had a great choice of micro-brewed beers – and my fav Dogfish Head IPA.  Plan to wait an hour or so for a table though.

Tonight we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with dinner at Richardson’s Canal House.  We had our wedding dinner reception there and Jason surprised me with reservations for tonight!

Yesterday in between running, pampering, and dinner – I made one of my favorite raw salads — I got the recipe from the amazing Gena:  Root vegetable salad with Maple Cinnamon Vinaigrette.  I like to eat as much local and in season veggies as possible – and winter is the perfect season for root veggies.  I used a sweet potato, turnip, parsnip, beet, 2 carrots, and celery root.  I washed and prepped the veggies and then shredded them with my food processor – food processor is best kitchen tool I have ever owned.  The dressing is so yummy – I followed Gena’s recipe pretty closely and used an old glass jar to store the extra dressing.  I used the entire vegetable when making the salad – so there are plenty of left overs to enjoy for the next few days.


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