Dancing Fearlessly

Good morning – I started my day with a lovely podcast yoga practice – Hillary’s Yoga Practice #67 Dancing Fearlessly – you can get it on iTunes as well.  This is one of my favorite at home routines and practices.

Dancing Fearlessly – the title of the practice – really connected with me and helped me expand my yoga practice. I tend to be very competitive in my daily life and in my yoga practice.  For me it’s fearless to admit that fault in myself and reflect honestly on it.  I love to think of each yoga practice as a dance.  Moving through the vinyasas and poses to form a beautiful dance.

The dance of my yoga practice is sometimes smooth like a waltz and sometimes feels more like a fox trot – unfocused with abrupt movements.  Either way – I am doing it – accepting my practice for what it is at that moment – loving what my mind and body is allowing me to do, and fearlessly accepting my body for what it can do at that moment.



2 responses to “Dancing Fearlessly

  1. you described the variance in how your body accepts yoga so perfectly with those dance metaphors… thank you for explaining that! I can relate, I just never recognized that. I would just get down on myself and tend to forget the good instances. Honestly, getting into training has changed my life, but something is missing without yoga. This is embarrassing but, I’ve never downloaded a podcast before. (ah!) What is a yoga podcast like, instructional voice-over and music? Is it pretty easy to follow for a “Been A Beginner Since 2002”? I can’t even imagine… you could do yoga anywhere! As long as you didn’t mind people watching 😉 -C

    • Welcome Carey! I love your blog (I wish I had the courage to rock caftans often!)

      Yeah a podcast is just voice – so you can hear the instructor’s guidance and any music they have on. It definitely depends on the instructor if it’s easy to follow – I have found Hillary’s podcasts are pretty easy to follow – Dave Farmer is a little more difficult.

      I have found I like podcasts for a home yoga practice instead of a full video. Besides I can focus on the practice more – I actually discovered these from my work office. I would close my door and do a little yoga if I felt like it. Seriously, you can do it anywhere – just load them on your ipod and practice away!

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