Meet Wendell

Meet Wendell.

Wendell is my 5 year-old Chihuahua (mix).  I got him four years ago from a dog rescue group.  His background is a bit of a mystery – but it’s pretty clear that he had a rough first year of life.  When I first got him he was severely under weight and had major social issues. It has taken a long time but he is so much better.  While he is still nervous around new people – he has grown his circle of trust to include some people other than me.  He has an incredible appetite for a little dog – there is only one known instance of him turning down food.

Wendell is not a big fan of winter.  Most days he spends snoozing on a pillow  while I work in my office.  In the spring and summer – he loves being outside.  He may be small but he is always up for an adventure – hiking a mountain or just laying in the warm sun.

this is from a few years ago - he has filled out a bit in recent years

Wendell is quite the dog. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.


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