Preparing for a long run

Tomorrow I have my last long run of marathon training – 23 miles.  We have already done a 20 mile and 21 mile run but I feel hitting the 23 mile point is important for my confidence and mental strength.  Today is all about preparing for the long run tomorrow.

Here are my tips to prepare for a long run:

1. Get enough sleep – I pretty much plan my entire weekend around the long run.  I make sure to get 8 hours of sleep Friday night and Saturday night before the run.

2.  Hydrate – I drink lots of water on the day before the run.  I start with hot water with lemon in the morning, and then continue with regular water throughout the day – I try to drink 96 ounces the day before.  I also don’t drink wine or any alcohol the day before a long run.

3.  Move your legs – I run 3-4 miles at an easy pace the day before the long run.  I feel like that helps loosen my legs up.  I also take Friday off from running – this week I did a light yoga practice.

4.  Plan your run – I always know the route I intend to run prior to heading out.  I usually plan it out a day or two in advance and have time to review it and mentally prepare. I also break the runs into sections – so I don’t get overwhelmed looking at the route as a whole and just focus on each individual section.  Mapmyrun is the best tool I’ve found.

5. Carbo Load – I plan my entire day eats around the next days run.  I usually start with oatmeal with a banana for breakfast, a salad with avocado or nuts for lunch (for some fat), and then pasta for dinner.  I also never eat anything new the day before a run – very important to control digestion.

6.  Plan your outfit and get everything ready – I always lay out my outfit the night before (that means you need to know what the weather is going to be like) and prepare my fuel belt and pack whatever kind of snacks I intend to take out with me.  We use chewy power bars for fuel during the run and cut them up into little squares to consume easily.

Tomorrow’s weather is looking good – 34 degrees!  It’s like a heat wave.


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