Taco Night!

Taco night – one of the favorite meal nights in our household.  Now this deliciousness is almost completely pre-packaged but takes only 15 minutes from start to finish.  When Jason and I started dating – we were both working high-pressured, long-hour jobs so taco night was usually my one attempt at a “home-cooked” meal for the week. While my culinary skills have grown over the past four years, we still enjoy this indulgence once in a while.

We buy a complete taco kit from the grocery store – the kit includes taco seasoning, taco sauce, and taco shells.  Then you just have to buy “meat” and whatever kind of additional toppings you want to include.  We use Morning Star Crumblers – this is a fake-meat substitute but it’s the best that I’ve found – it doesn’t taste like meat (a plus in my book) but has a nice consistency and absorbs the flavors of the taco seasoning well.  We usually use onion, avocado, and tomato as our toppings.

Then – you just have to put the taco shells in the oven and prepare the crumblers – I add the crumblers to a pan on the oven with a little bit of water – once it has heated up, I add the taco seasoning.

Next, dish it up and enjoy!

Do you have any kind of indulgent meals do you make regularly?  Is the meal comfort food from a past-time?


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