Warning – Unhealthy Food to Follow

Jason got home late from work tonight – so we headed out for what we thought would be an easy 5 mile run around 6:00.  This was definitely a bad idea – we quickly decided to change routes and headed into the park to avoid high-traffic roads.  Well it got very dark, very fast – so we ended up busting out a 4.5 mile run in 39 minutes.  My legs felt okay but were still tired from Sunday’s run. Lesson learned – no more runs in the dark.

I really wasn’t up for cooking dinner when we got back, so we ordered chinese take-out.  I know – don’t judge.  Not a healthy selection but sometimes a girl just wants some greasy chinese food.  We picked it up and came home to watch Lost.

I ordered the “vegetarian paradise”, which consisted of tofu, broccoli, and snow peas in a “homemade” sauce.  I also had the vegetable soup as well. The meal was pretty greasy but overall was okay – it was the first time we had tried out the restaurant. Yes, I am using quotation marks to show my skepticism…

Does anyone else watch Lost? What do you think about this final season so far?  The teaser for next week has me very anxious….answers, what kind of answers?  I can’t wait.


2 responses to “Warning – Unhealthy Food to Follow

  1. I LOVE LOST! best show! the teaser also has me very intrigued! I CANNOT WAIT for next week — but i gotta ask — are you Team Sawyer or Team Jack?

    • I am Team Jack all the way. What about you? I am the hopeless romantic that still believes Jack and Kate will end up together. I don’t get what is happening with this “darkness” in people…is Sawyer going to be bad now since he’s with “Locke’s” team?…So many questions..

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