Morning Cleanse

Happy hump-day!  It’s so weird, since I’ve started working from home, the days of the week just run together – my marathon training is the only thing that differentiates one day from the next.

I am feeling very bloated from the greasy food overload last night.  Today is going to be all about cleansing.  To start the day off – some Dave Farmer.  I subscribe to him on i-tunes and this workout was a 75 minute class released on 1/24/10 – great workout.  I have a space heater in my “yoga room” and set it to 90 degrees about 5 minutes before I start my practice.  Nothing like a good sweat to start the day.

Has anyone seen the crazy Ana Forrest yoga demonstration from last year’s Yoga Journal Conference? If you haven’t, it’s the craziest 15 minute yoga practice I’ve ever seen – Part One and Part Two.

After yoga – I had two cups of  green tea, then a grapefruit and orange – I really needed some vitamin c!  I added about 1 tbsp of  flax to the grapefruit – hopefully that will add some staying power to the breakfast and keep me full for a few hours.


2 responses to “Morning Cleanse

  1. Wow I wish I had the willpower to eat like you. Grapefruit is very healthy.

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