Moving forward

Good evenin’!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days.  It hit me Friday afternoon, I was acting a bit “Julie Powell-ish” the past week (Julie Powell – aka Julie from Julie & Julia).  My hubby is 100% behind my blogging efforts but was becoming a bit concerned when I was writing an entry at 3 AM – and honestly I was neglecting him and our relationship the past week.

I am so impressed with the ladies (sorry if there are guys out there but lady food bloggers are all I read regularly) that have the passion and commitment to daily post all their food intake.  While I appreciate the efforts and knowledge I have gained by attempting this feat, it’s not for me.

The past few days has allowed me some space to contemplate my goals  for this forum.  While I am still working out my overall goals and manifest – I will focus on homemade meals and recipes I develop, my exercise accomplishes and challenges, and whatever else pops into my head.  I will post when I feel inspired to do so about what I feel inspired to share.

As the title of the blog indicates – Musings from Mendon Pond – I don’t have a desire to write only about food or exercise, I want to share some of the entertaining things that happen with Jason and me, and some of the attractions this magnificent area has to offer.  I will share more about Jason, me, and our life as I continue on this effort.

Now on to some bits from my weekend

  • Friday – Made guacamole for lunch (yum, will post recipe soon) and then we saw Shutter Island.  If you have not seen it and enjoy a good thriller – please go see it.  Jason and I are still psycho-analyzing it two days later.  It definitely is a movie that will make you say “WTF.”
  • Saturday – we spent a lot of the day cleaning our new house (more on that another day), and then went to a sports bar for dinner – food was not memorable.
  • Sunday – 12 mile run in the AM (9:30 per mile pace), more cleaning, then discovered I have a fridge full of veggies that need to be used – cooking soon commenced.

One big discovery from the weekend was an amazing bottle of wine!  I got this bottle last weekend after a wine tasting at our local shop.  I don’t know how this bottle lasted a week in our home but we were hugely impressed once we opened it up.

Palazzo Della Torre

I may have had a glass or two prior to taking this picture 🙂

It’s rated 90 points by Wine Spectator – which I gather from my meager wine knowledge that is pretty good.  For me – this wine has the best finish – rich and smoky; it is smooth and very polished.  I got it for $12.99 a bottle from our local shop and plan to run their tomorrow to buy a case (which would be the first case of wine I’ve purchased – seriously it is that good).  Go get some and enjoy today!


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