4:47 of Yoga Delight

Last night I was watching some old episodes of The Weeds.  I love the show – it is hilarious and Mary Louise Parker is brilliant.  Have you ever watched it?

Anyway – the episode featured a Flash Mob at the end.  Have you heard of a flash mob? According to Wikipedia: “A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.”  After a bit of research – I learned there is a movement of Guerilla Yoga – which is the same idea – spontaneous meet-up of people to enjoy a yoga class together.

I feel quite conflicted about both ideas – I love the idea of spontaneous display of joy but I know this is something that publicly I would never participate in.  I am what you would call a planner – I very rarely act out in a spontaneous way.  I struggle to live in the moment and not worry about the future or past.  But after reading about guerilla yoga – I was inspired.

Enter my own Guerilla Yoga Action

Close eyes – randomly select song from music library – then begin impromptu yoga practice for length of the song – no preplanned workout – just let it flow with the song.

Here is what ensued:

Sun Salutation B x2


Vinyasa – to downward dog

High Lunge with right leg forward

Crescent Moon with right leg forward

Humble Warrior

Vinyasa – to downward dog

Repeat High Lunge, Crescent Moon, & Humble Warrior with opposite leg

This song was pretty up beat so I did this pretty fast paced – one breath per movement. For example, upward dog breathe in, downward dog breathe out.


Music ended – oh so glorious.  I got a huge spark of energy and excitement after finishing – and my legs felt a bit stretched out. So for the next few weeks (up until I leave for the marathon) – I’m going to try and engage in my own spontaneous yoga practice.  I will record my daily song and sequences – after it has happened (no planning by me:).

Want to join in?


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