While my morning coffee brewed

I did day 2 of my guerilla yoga.  Before I get into the song and sequence, I am loving this. I have struggled to find time each day to practice yoga – I always have felt the need to do a whole 75/90 minute class if I am to practice from home.  While this action may not have the complete benefits of a whole class, it is still yoga.  For the length of the song, I go into my meditative state of breathing and being present – even if it’s just 3 minutes – it is 3 minutes that I wouldn’t have practiced a previous day.

Recently there have been a few articles about new ways people are practicing yoga – Chocolate & Chakras Collide, Rolling out the Yoga Mat, Say Namaste! Party by Night, Downward dog by Day.  All of these articles discuss/question if this kind of deviation from the historical yoga practice is okay?  While philosophical I have no clue – but my feeling is that yoga is both a mental and physical practice – whatever way people engage in it is their choice.  If yogis or yoga practitioners want to eat meat, so be it.  If a hotel offers yoga as an amenity, all the better. And if someone wants to express their yoga practice in a quick 4 minutes a day – join in!

Mountain Pose

Dancer Pose

Lunge forward with leg in the air moving into a lunge – Crescent Moon

Revolved Crescent Moon – clasp hands together and twist over front leg – push elbow against leg for further twist

Push up to Warrior 2

Extended Triangle Pose

Revolved Triangle

In a full motion straighten front leg – and push up to Standing Split

Lift hands off ground – have one straight line from your finger tips to your toe to Warrior 3

Bring leg down to Warrior 2

Then go through a vinyasa – bring hands to floor, plank, chaturanga, upward dog, downward dog

Next repeat the same sequence on the other side


2 responses to “While my morning coffee brewed

  1. Thanks for the series!

    I always have trouble doing more than 20 minutes when I practice on my own at home.

    • yeah that is the beauty of this. The other reason why this is working well for me is with marathon training I find it hard to do a full yoga class without being sore the next day – and it’s hard enough to stick to the training program without adding sore arms or legs to the equation.

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