Back on the horse

If you’ve been checking out my daily sweat page – you’ll notice that I missed two runs this past week. Life kind of took over – and I just didn’t have the concentration or energy to do the runs.  Looking at my training from the macro level – will 14 miles kill my marathon? No.  Do I feel guilty about missing the runs? Yes.  This morning Jason and I finally agreed we had to get back on our training today – so instead of 4 miles we did 6.  It was 6 glorious miles in the sun!  I can smell spring in the air 🙂  We did 6 miles in 56 minutes.  We have 14 tomorrow, second to last double-digit run before the marathon!

When we got back from the run I did a little yoga.

This song was really slow – and quite beautiful to practice too.  I held each pose for 1 complete breathe and then moved on to next.

Sun Series B  x2

Chair Pose

Chair Pose twist to right

Chair Pose

Chair Pose twist to left

Low Wide Squat

Low Wide Squat bind/twist right

Low Wide Squat center

Low Wide Squat bind/twist left

Low Wide Squat center

Come down on hinny with legs straight in front – Staff Pose

Head to knee forward bend over right leg

Bring both legs straight out front of you Seated Forward Bend

Head to knee forward bend over left leg – left leg straight and right knee bent

Come back to center – Staff Pose

Boat Pose

Slowly release to the ground and take Fish Pose

Release to the ground then go into Bridge Pose

Release and then bring legs up to Shoulder Stand – stay here for 4-5 breathes

Bring legs over head to Plow – stay here for 4 – 5 breathes

Slowly – one vertebrae at a time bring legs to the floor.

Savasana as long as you’d like


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