Day 3 & Day 4

Sorry folks – things have been crazy over here lately and I had go into my office headquarters the last two days – but nevertheless I did find a few minutes each day for my challenge. These days were actually quite fun because I was at my hotel, and just put on my ipod and tucked it into my sports bra – just let it flow.

Day 3 – Thursday

With the following sequence – I held each pose for one complete breathe.

Sun Salutation B X1

Next part – begin with right leg. Complete entire sequence then switch to left leg and repeat.

Eagle Pose

Extended Leg – Hand to Big Toe

Let go of toe – hold foot as high as you can off the ground

Warrior 3

Put foot down – Warrior 2

Reverse Warrior

Vinyasa – repeat sequence on other leg

Day 4 – Friday

This song I didn’t choose randomly – I wanted a bit longer so I scoured my ipod for a long song – this one is a little of 8 minutes – a good classic song

I was feeling very tight – particularly my hips – from all of the driving from the day before – so I held each pose for 2 complete breathes before going on to the next.  As you can see – I enjoy beginning each practice with a sun salutation – series B is my fav.

Sun Salutation B x2

Vinyasa – to downward dog

Lift Right Foot Up to the Air  – One Legged Down Dog

Bring Right Foot between hands – Lunge

Go a bit deeper – Low Lunge – try to bring forearms to the floor, really sink into hips.


Come out of pigeon – bring your left leg forward and sit on your hinny with your legs straight in front of you. – Staff Pose

Bring Feet together – Bound Angle Pose

Grap toes, and go into Happy Baby

Release toes & and come on to feet – Low Wide Squat

Bring Hands to Heart-Center & twist to one side or if able take the bind to the right.

Release bind or twist – return to wide squat – stay for one breathe – raise out of squat and return to stand.

Vinyasa to downward dog – repeat sequence on left side.


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