Spring is coming!

Work out – This morning we did 14 miles in 2 hours 10 minutes – our fastest time yet.  The run was amazing – sun was out and snow’s beginning to melt.  I love that we timed our marathon to do all our training in the winter and now that spring is on the horizon – we are tapering for the marathon.  LA marathon is 2 weeks from today!  I’m so excited to do the race.

After running, I went to brunch (nothing special) and then I came back did some yoga –

Yes – this song was a random selection – one of the best parts of this challenge is finding all this music I didn’t realize I had.

I picked up the pace on this practice – I used a typical power yoga approach to breathing – in hale for one pose, exhale to the next pose.

Sun Sal B x2

Vinyasa to downdog

One Legged Downdog with right leg

Runner’s Lunge

Crescent Moon

Standing Split

Warrior 2

Vinyasa to downdog – repeat on other leg and then do sequence one more time on each leg.


2 responses to “Spring is coming!

  1. That song is going to be in my head for the rest of the night!

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