Final Countdown

12 days until LA Marathon!

We’ve been tapering for the past two weeks but here is our leg of training:

Today (9th) – 7 miles

Thursday (11th) – 5 miles

Saturday (13th) – 4 miles

Sunday (14th) – 10 miles

Next Tuesday (16th) – 7 miles

Next Thursday (18th) – 4 miles

Next Saturday (20th) – 1 mile

Sunday, March 21 – MARATHON!

Tapering has been lovely – but I don’t know what to do with all of this extra time.  I’m getting very anxious – I can’t wait for the race.

The official route is out for the marathon:

Will you be there?

Here is yesterday’s yoga.  I actually got Jason to do it with me.  No pictures 🙂

I had some extra time since we had an off day from running – so I did Kimberley Wilson’s Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga – my sister-in-law got me the cd for Christmas. Oh so lovely.  Kimberley does a great job instructing poses and giving helpful tips.  If you want a great cd, this is worth $9.99.

Courtney has a great post today on being present and not judging yourself on where you are today.


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