Grooving in the sun

The sun is out, snow is melting, and it was over 50 degrees today.  Today – I was inspired to be out in nature, we ran 6 miles (in 53 minutes), took Wendell on a few walks, and I settled into a nice little yoga routine on our deck.  Jason woke up early and cleared the rest of the snow off of it – still a bit moist but muy bueno.

No guerilla yoga today – I actually did a full yoga practice: 90 mins of Dave Farmar (the one released on 1/15/10).  Today – I appreciated the birds chipping, my dog running around me as I practiced, and the warm air.  I still had a difficult time staying present and not letting my mind wonder – but I finished the practice. I guess I can only take this all one day at a time, and honor my mind and body and what it is willing to do.

No this is not me - or my backyard

Now – I’m off to find a mojito – a must for spring time.

Do you have a favorite spring-time cocktail?


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