Marathon Countdown

One week from today, I will be in L.A. running 26.2 miles!  Jason and I have been training for 5 months for this race – physically and mentally I am ready.  A few weeks ago I wrote about my day before preparations for long runs.  The last few days I’ve been trying to figure out what to do the week before the marathon – i.e. what to eat, how to hydrate, and mostly how to avoid getting sick.

Our running schedule for the week:

Today – 10 miles
Tuesday – 7 miles
Thursday – 4 miles
Saturday – 2 miles

Here is how I plan to alter my eating and drinking habits for the week:

1. NO Alcohol for the week – I’m a huge fan of red wine and enjoy a glass or two most nights but all kinds of alcohol dehydrate you so until post marathon this lady will be teetotaler.

2. NO Coffee – Coffee tends to upset my stomach and the last thing I need to deal with at the marathon is running to the port-a-potty during the race.  I usually only drink one or two cups a day so this shouldn’t cause too much withdrawal – I plan to drink caffeinated tea though.

3.  Drink at least 60 ounces of water a day.   I am really bad about hydrating and going into Sunday I need to be well-hydrated – especially because the weather is going to be much warmer than I’ve been running in.  Hopefully this will keep any kind of cold or sickness away as well.

4.  Only eat food that I have had before.  I plan to eat my tried and true recipes this week and if we go out to restaurants – I will only eat meals I’ve had before.  I want to eliminate the chance of an upset stomach so this might be tough but important.  Luckily when we get to LA, we are staying at a rented house so we can get groceries and cook instead of eating out every meal.

5.  Eat mostly veggies and whole grains for the week and I’m going to limit my processed foods (I don’t eat a lot any way but no taco night for our household this week).

Ran has subsided so we are going to get in our 10 miles now.

What tricks do you have to prepare for long-races?  Am I missing anything in my week-long prep?


2 responses to “Marathon Countdown

  1. Sleep and R&R! So excited for you!!!

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