Things I love about spring

Spring is definitely my favorite season. After the long slumber of winter, spring brings chirping birds, luscious green grass, and sunny skies.

In 55 degree temp – we did 7.2 miles in 62 miles. I feel like we are being rewarded for all of our hard, agonizing runs in this past winter.  I love running in shorts!  I forgot how liberating it feels.

I love many things about Spring but fresh/locally grown veggies and fruits are my favorite part.  I can’t wait till I can find these at a local farmer’s market (probably about a month before fm’s open in the North):

1.  Strawberries

2. Rhubarb

3. Spinach

4. Baby Artichokes

While you can get any of these year around at your local supermarket (and I do – primarily spinach), nothing compares to the taste of a strawberry that was picked a few days ago from a farmer who you know.

Dang – I wish I wasn’t abstaining from alcohol until after the marathon because one of my favorite spring time treats is Negro Modelo beer.  Honestly, give me a bottle of the beer, a lime, and some sun – I’m content for an afternoon.

Come on – let’s hear it for Farmer’s Markets.  What is your favorite food to get fresh from your farmer’s market?


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