Day before marathon

We arrived in Los Angeles late Friday night.  We have family that lives in Seal Beach – so we used this also as an opportunity to catch up with them.  Saturday morning after breakfast (pancakes!) we headed in to LA for the marathon Expo and to pick up our bib.

I have to preface my entire marathon experience with two facts 1) this is my first marathon.  I have never ran or closely followed anyone’s race and 2) I am not from L.A. or have spent much time there.  Sarah had a very different experience with the race and is much more experienced with race organization. So take my comments with a grain of salt.

The expo was at Dodger Stadium – the starting location of the marathon.  I thought the entire Expo was out of control – little signage, too many vendors packed too closely, and the bib/t-shirt tent all the way in the back with no one directing folks where to go.  We got there around 11 and must have missed the crowds that appeared later in the day.  Once we found the tent, we quickly got our bibs and t-shirts. I thought the t-shirts were great – dry-fit material and a race cut. I look forward to rocking it!

They also opened up Dodger Stadium for people to walk through. It was neat to go in and sit down in the outfield for a bit (granted on the seats but still fun).

The day was very warm and made me very nervous about running the race. We had trained in the New England winter and had not run in warm weather since the early fall.  My planned outfit was a lululemon flow y-bra, underarmor black running shorts, and a black dry fit Nike tank top.  The tank-top was kind of heavy and black!  So on our way back to Seal Beach – we stopped at an athletic store and I found a new tank top of the race (and got Jason one too).  I got a Nike Dryfit Pacer Tanktop – in white.  It was very light – basically just one light layer of material.  Also, at the expo Jason and I each bought a running cap to help shield the run and maybe keep us a bit warmer in the morning.

Rest of the day involved relaxing and hanging out with our family. Around 4:30 we had a runner’s feast of salad, pizza, and pasta.  We hit the hay around 8:30 to get some sleep before our 4 AM wake-up call.

Next up – the race!


4 responses to “Day before marathon

  1. thanks for the shoutout, hope your first marathon experience was much better! what race is next??

    • Thanks Sarah. I’m trying to figure out which race is next. I’ve definitely caught the bug. I had a great first race – I was happy with my overall time 3:59 and I can already see where I can trim a lot of wasted time to qualify for Boston!

  2. Ooh ooh ooh! I can’t wait to hear about it… congratulations on a GREAT time!

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