Running is Fun

Well despite my good intentions last week – I only did one day of strength training.  The weather has been too nice to be stuck inside the gym.  I hate making resolutions and not keeping them…and I do it far too often. It really is one thing I need to work on.

I did lace up my sneakers this weekend and hit the pavement.  Running felt great.  I did 6 miles on Saturday and 4 miles Sunday.  Saturday was very warm – and I should have brought some water with me (made me very thankful the LA weather was not hot for the marathon).  Neither run were timed.  Just a good ol’ Kristina Fun Run.  I have missed running but more so I have missed running whatever distance I choose to on a given day and whatever route I feel like.

Another marathon is certainly in my future but I’m going to take some time and just enjoy a few weeks of running as I choose and not worrying about distance or time.


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