Free Yoga in Burlington

Late last night I learned that the new Lululemon Store in Burlington was offering a free vinyasa yoga class Saturday morning (sorry I would have posted about it sooner if I had learned earlier about it :).  The store just opened last week – it’s located at 22 Church Street, second floor.

I headed into Burlington to check out the class this morning.  The store was cute – first room had a good selection of Lululemon merchandise (oh I had to execute some major self-restraint) and the second room is a work in progress but right now they are planning to hold yoga classes (and maybe other kinds of classes) in it.

I am so glad I went to the class. It was a slow vinyasa – something I am not accustomed too.  I tend to go for hard, fast, hot – power vinyasa classes (Baptiste style mostly).  This was probably the slowest class I had taken in six months.  But the instructor was great – Sarah.  She just got her teachers instruction certification a few months ago but she was fantastic.  I was really surprised to learn she just started teaching.  The class really allowed me to slow down, enjoy each pose, and work on alignment.

Best sequence of the class:

Low Squat with hands in prayer

Then we rose a little – so our butt was aligned with our knees (still a squat – let’s say medium squat) – hands still in prayer

Lower to Low Squat

Then we rose into Utkatasana

Lower to Low Squat

The we rose to Mountain Pose with arms reaching towards the ceiling.

We repeated this two more times!  My legs were shaking by the end of the third repetition.

SO mark your calendars – each SATURDAY at 10 AM the shop is planning to host a free yoga class.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  We are off to grill at a friends (grilling in the rain 🙂  Maybe more yoga for me tomorrow!


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