Weightless Workout at Home

This morning Jason and I enjoyed a quick at home workout – and I thought you all might like to see it 🙂

There are many benefits to a weightless workout:

  • No Gym or Special Equipment Required
  • Can do anywhere, anytime
  • Less risk of injury

Weightless workout means just using your natural bodyweight for resistance.  As you progress – unlike with weights at a gym where you can add resistance with more weight, to progress with a weightless workout you will need to add variation and additional reps to keep up the intensity.

Here is what we did this morning:

30 seconds Jumping Jacks

30 seconds Jump Squats

30 calf raises on each leg (just on the step of our stairs)

20 back extensions (lying on edge of bed or a bench)

20 squats (hands touch the floor)

20 push ups

50 raised leg crunches (knees at 90 degree angle feet raised off floor)

15 push ups with hands in a V (get in plank position then move hands to form a v)

50 crunches

25 side crunches on each side

The whole routine took us about 20 minutes.  We then headed out the door for a 4 mile run (we did it in 37 minutes).

Do you strength train at home?  If so, what great moves can you share?

Happy Sunday.  I’m off to prepare some meals for the week ahead.


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