Desk Top Wraps

I spent a large part of yesterday preparing some lunches for the week ahead. Since I’m transitioning back into my office (I was working from home the past few months), I want to try to keep my healthy lunches on track.

Yesterday, I used my trusty food processor to shred carrots, turnips, parsnips and beets.  Then I made Gena’s Maple CinnamonViniagrette (so so so good, if you haven’t made it – do it right away).  I also opened a can of garbanzo beans – rinsed them with cold water and put into a jar to take with me to work.  I then cleaned a package of Red Chard.

So today for lunch (yes, I eat lunch right at noon because I’m usually chewing on my arm by then 🙂  I prepared Desk Top Wraps.

I got all of my fixings out of my trusty Wegmans reusable shopping bag (makes a great lunch bag).  And prepared my lunchtime rolls.  The whole preparation process took 5 minutes.  I had eight rolls and still have plenty of veggie left overs (I may have an afternoon salad snack).

Quick, easy, and very filling.   Sorry for the blurry blackberry pictures. Now back to work 🙂  Happy Monday.


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