So I was reading an interview of Maya’s with Mandy Ingber, yes Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor.  I have been interested in Mandy’s Yogalosophy for a while – combining traditional yoga sequences and poses with toning exercises, I haven’t tried the DVD yet but have heard some good things (inaddition to some friends, Gena tried it out here).  The video is definitely on my to-get list.

Any who…during the interview Mandy spoke about vision boards.  Lovely Mandy believes Spring is the time to make a renewal, evaluate goals, and motivations for the year ahead.  “Spring is the time for new beginnings, and contains a potency for planting seeds for the entire year. The eyes need a visual image to connect us subliminally to our goals and desires. That is why each year, I create a vision board that depicts my goals and dreams.”  I love how she connects her growth renewal with the new beginning of Spring.

Now lovely Mandy doesn’t just make a vision board and post it on her fridge to look at once in a while – Mandy got in touch with Yogamatic to make a yoga mat of her inspiration board.  Isn’t that just amazing?

Maybe ‘all are hipper than me but I had no idea you could create a graphic and then create your own yoga mat.

Check out Yogamatic. I’m ordering one of these babies as soon as I put together my own inspiration!

Have you used Yogamatic?  If not, what would you put on a specially made yoga mat??


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