In Nature

As a tribute to Earth Day, last night I took my yoga practice outside.  Sometimes I get far to wrapped up in the physical aspects of yoga – go faster, do more, test my body physically – that I miss how yoga helps ground me, keeps me focused on the current moment, and brings me closer to the earth and world around me.  Getting out of the studio or house, allowed me to experience yoga in a whole different way.  No mat, just me and the earth.  It was quite the sensation to do a downward dog and ground my hands and feet into grass, and then to raise up from a sun salutation and reach towards the blue sky.

Too bad my backyard doesn't look like this

Here are some tips I found earlier.  I highly suggest taking a few minutes and getting your feet a little dirty for some outdoor yoga.  Have you ever tried yoga outside?  Does your studio or town offer any kind of outdoor yoga?


4 responses to “In Nature

  1. When I was in college, my yoga class occassionally went outside. It was fun to feel the grass, but a little noisy! I hope to try it in a calmer setting this summer.

  2. I live in Austin, TX, a city that offers a ton of outside yoga classes–the trouble is going to classes strictly in the spring, before it gets too hot to practice outside! I think I might have the opposite problem (weather wise) of you in NY!

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