Night and Day

Oh my – last night Jason and I busted out 8 miles in 64 minutes (8.0 pace) – that had to be one of the hardest runs I’ve done.  I’ve very proud that I finished it faster than I started but that was tough.  It has me a little scared for speed training on our next marathon.

Our splits were (from memory I left my watch at home, so they might actually vary slightly):









Well that was last night in 60 degree weather running along the waterfront in shorts and a t-shirt.

Here is today:

Yes, my friends that is snow.  We are under a winter weather watch for today and tomorrow.  So no outdoor runs for me the next two days.  I’m planning to hit a yoga studio tonight.

What do you do when the weather turns bad?  Do you run indoors or cross train?


5 responses to “Night and Day

  1. this looks like Burlington Vermont….do you live in VT now? I was lurking your about page and I saw it said you were from Western NY

  2. Yeah I am from Colchester but have been living in Montpelier for the last 2 years and are heading back to Burlington in July

    • nice. i’m living in Williston now but work in Burlington. Thanks for checking out my little blog. I’m so glad you did, so I found yours. Great recipes. I’m transitioning to vegan, well slowly i’ve been cutting dairy and eggs out of my diet. Not sure I’m going all the way there – but I love to have your great references. Let me know if you are ever in Burlington. I’d love to meet up in person.

  3. I work in So. Burlington so I am in town daily! We definitely should meet up sometime.

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