Day 1: Yoga Doesn’t Come Easy in the Morning

My alarm sounded at 6 AM this morning for day 1 of my Yoga Happiness Challenge.  While I felt and looked like

I finally rolled out of bed 5 minutes later and dragged myself downstairs to our office (or my yoga studio).  I popped on Kimberley Wilson’s Get Your Yoga On for a slow practice.  My body was tight but slowly I could feel it loosening up – my hamstrings opening slightly, kinks working out of my back, hips welcoming the stretch of a lunge.  After an hour I felt like I could do anything

Too bad this isn't me 🙂

That hour certainly wasn’t my finest moment in yoga.  I had trouble balancing in tree, I certainly didn’t attempt wheel that early in the morning, and I didn’t even break a sweat.  While I love a hot, sweaty, intense yoga class sometimes it is just nice to slowly go through a practice and noticing your body opening.  To me, I love the feeling of bridge and really experiencing my shoulders and chest gradually expanding or taking 5 breathes in Warrior 2 and really concentrating on my hips.

Hopefully I will take that feeling of appreciation and feel like this for the rest of the day.


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