Real Beauty

Day-to-day we are inundated with advertisements and commercials hocking the latest trend or the perfect scented candle to make your home glow.  We all probably are aware of the overt messaging of the commercial and process that quickly – buy this pair of sneakers, buy this candle, buy this brand of garbage bags – we allow this influence as much or as little as we want.  But what about the unsaid messages of a commercial?  The perfect thighs of a woman advertising lotion or the unblemished face of a model in a mascara ad – or even the perfect wife cleaning up her kitchen with the best paper towels.  All of these images – all of these ideals – are thrown at us saying you don’t look like this, this is what beauty is, but use this product and you could look like her.

Case in point.

Heidi Klum, age 36, People Magazine

Helena Christensen, Age 41, shoe advertisement

Bravo for the magazines and models willing to do this.  But I bet in the same issue of People – there are at least 15 advertisements similar to the one of the right.  Honestly, this woman is 41 years old.  There is no way that she looks like that in real life.

But how many of us, sitting here reading this, would let ourselves be photographed without our hair done or some makeup on?  I know it’s one thing I struggle with – I am always critical of pictures taken of me, and I certainly will hide from a camera if I don’t feel “pretty” enough at the time.

Ladies – we must take a stand.

Hi, I am Kristina.  This is me.  Sorry for the funky lighting.

Will you join me?


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