Yoga Happiness Day 3

Well Saturday (and day 2 of yoga happiness) ended up being a wash.  I don’t know what came over me Friday night but I rarely drink heavily and I guess Friday was a splurge.  Saturday I did yoga for about 5 minutes – to Jack Johnson.  I pretty much just did Sun Salutation A twice and then one Sun Sal B.

Sunday was a whole different story.  I woke up refreshed and ready for the day ahead, hang over gone.  I headed to a gym around the corner from my house and did a 90 minute Ashtanga Yoga Class.

Ashtanga Yoga is defined by six specifics sequences, always done in the same order.  The movements are connected to specific breathing techniques – hence why it is referred to as a “vinyasa” yoga.  While I love the instructor that ran the class, I am not a big fan of Ashtanga.  The specific repeated sequences is a little boring to me.  And I prefer a more flow vinyasa class (where all poses are connected through a flow).

Any who I got my yoga mojo back with the class.

Thunderstorms are expected in Burlington today.  Very exciting 🙂  I love a good thunderstorm, too bad my dog doesn’t.

Happy Monday!


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