8 Miles

Workout – 8 miles in 67 minutes.  It has hot and the road was crowded. But we made it 🙂

Saturday Jason and I are running a 1/2 marathon in Shelburne, VT.  It’s a little race (probably 150 runners) through rural roads and along the lake.  Registration fee was $30, and you get a lunch prepared by Starry Night Cafe and a race t-shirt.  There are spots still available if you are interested in running it.  Race Vermont is organizing it – along with some sprint triathalons and a few other races over the next few months.  One great thing about living in the Northeast is that outdoors races happen all summer and fall long 🙂

Since the marathon, we’ve run two or three times a week, pretty much however long we felt like.  It’s been glorious but I have definitely noticed my body losing muscle and I miss the release running gives me.  While I haven’t consistently trained for this 1/2, I’m hoping it will have the desired effect of kicking my butt into training.

Yoga Happiness Update – I have decided to postpone my 30 day challenge. My heart, body, and head just aren’t into it right now.  Right now I just need to be honest with myself and not force the practice.  I will still practice but not every day.

Now – come on folks brag a bit.  Do you have any planned races or exciting runs coming up?


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