Trying New Yoga Studio

When it comes to going into a new yoga studio, I revert back to my pre-pubescent, shy, little girl mentality.  I am always nervous about not knowing the check-in procedures or how the studio is set up.  I fret and fawn, and get myself all worked up over the first few moments of walking into a studio, all the while knowing that yoga studios are some of the most welcoming places.  The amount of stress a new studio causes me usually means I stick with a tried and true studio or I take weeks and weeks to build up the courage to walk through the new doors.  Yesterday, after weeks of delay and anticipation, I finally took the leap and headed to Evolution Yoga.

Evolution is both a yoga studio and physical therapy clinic.  In addition to an impressive class schedule, Evolution offers a Community Class, Monday – Fridays on a sliding fee scale.  It allows people not able to afford a full-class price to pay what they can, and others to truthfully evaluate their ability to contribute for their yoga practice.  I love the concept of opening yoga up to more people.  One of my major frustrations with yoga studios is the cost and keeping it an exclusive from people who can’t afford $20 drop-in fees or monthly memberships of $150.

Yesterdays class was with bubbly Julie.  Julie was a delight of a instructor.  Her style was much different than I am typically used to, so it made me be more aware of her instruction and words.  She gave clear instruction and thoughtful words regarding the poses.  The class was much slower than I would normally go to which allowed me to really focus on alignment and opening.

While I enjoyed my class and the studio, and I will definitely be back (I can’t pass up an afford yoga option); I am still searching for a studio in Burlington that will steal my heart.  Where are you Bapiste studio?  It is certainly fun trying new studios and different kinds of yoga which allows me to expand my knowledge of the practice but at the end of the day I want a studio that touches my soul and allows me the kind of practice I prefer.  It’s sort of like testing driving new cards – it’s fun to try out a new ride but at the end of the day I always just want to come home to my time-tested car.

What is your favorite yoga studio?  How do you feel about trying out new studios?


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