About Me

Welcome to Musings from Mendon Pond!

Hi everyone, my name is Kristina.  I am 28 years old and recently got married.  After our wedding, we moved to my husband’s home town in Western New York – near Mendon Ponds Park

I am learning to cook and have grown to love it!  It’s such an easy way to share some love and laughs.

Since I have started cooking, I have focused more and more on what kind of food I eat.  I think balance is key in any kind of lifestyle or diet but I believe that local,wholesome ingredients are the ones that we should fuel our bodies with.

I eat mostly a vegetarian diet – but from time to time I indulge myself with fish.  I used to feel bad that I wasn’t a “full” vegetarian but I think that each person has to figure out what what kind of lifestyle works best for them.  This blog is not for judging myself or others and how they choose to live their lives and what they eat.  Life is too short for that.

Jason (my hubby) and I are training together for the LA Marathon in March 2010.  This is my first marathon. We decided on a very slow approach to our training – our entire training program is 34 weeks.  We spent a lot of time building our base and then slowly increasing our weekly mileage.  I also practice yoga – it helps free my mind and ground me.  After the marathon – I’m going to ramp up my yoga practice.

For the past year I have read food and healthy living blogs faithfully.  It has amazed me to find this community of people trying to eat healthy and live actively – and supporting each other in their quests.  This blog will follow my journey navigating married life, and mission to eat healthy and live actively.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey, there! I’m from Rochester NY and my brother cut his foot wide open at Mendon Pond when we were kids! Funny to see the name again! Great blog!

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