Grounding into Triangle

I just got back from a lovely 60 minute yoga class at Lululemon and I was able to meet up with Sarah for the class.  Every Saturday at 10 AM Lululemon in Burlington hosts a FREE yoga class.  The class was a slow flow – but I had an “ah-ha” moment during class.  While I would prefer a faster, sweatier, vinyasa yoga – I realized a slow flow class allows me to focus on my alignment and enables me to relax and breathe into a pose.  Definitely more slow yoga on the way for me.

On my way home, I remembered today is my day as part of Kate and Tina‘s May Yoga Month, I was selected to showcase TRIANGLE (or trikonasana).

Triangle is one of the most beautiful poses to me – you ground into the floor with both feet, stretch your arms far apart from each other, and feel lightness and vibrant throughout your whole body.  I always imagine I’m in between two window planes during the pose.

Alignment (according to Baron Baptiste):

  • Heels are in one line
  • Keep both legs strong
  • Scoop your tailbone down and under (your booty should not be sticking out)
  • Keep your upper arm active (and straight)
  • Twist your torso
  • Gaze at your upper hand

Modified version below – and the one I am more likely to do in a practice.

Breathe in the pose for five full breathes.  With each breathe, relax your mind, and your body will follow.

Relax, Breathe, & Flow.

And my yoga helper obviously assisted:



One response to “Grounding into Triangle

  1. Oh triangle pose! Ill be sure to add your new address to my reader!

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